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The Winebulance Wine Club - Stay Calm! Wine is here!

Our great online wine selection with wine deliveries direct to your door by the Winebulance Wine Club

Your wine experience should be fun! We developed the Winebulance to do our “emergency” deliveries of wine to the lovely customers of our off licence in Selsey, West Sussex. From 1 bottle to a case or more the Winebulance was there to deliver great wine at a great price at the right time!

When we launched a Facebook page for the Winebulance the response was overwhelming. Calls came in from all over the world asking if it did exist and could they have a delivery! This inspired the Winebulance Wine Club delivering great wine at a great price to you quickly wherever you are in the country!

So what are we about?

It’s simple. There are no fees to join or use us. You decide what wine you want and how many. All we ask is that you order in multiples of 6 bottles of your choice. If you are struggling to decide then you can always choose one of our case deals. Delivery is fast and the more you spend the cheaper it is to get to you.

No smoke and mirrors

Over the last decade the levels of UK wine knowledge have risen to an all time high. It is no longer common for the wine drinking public to talk about wines in the most basic of terms (red/white/dry/sweet) but instead certain grape varietals or brands have made their way into everyday language. It is now common for customers to have identified their preferred grape, brand or vintage

However, we are constantly being told by the high street and supermarkets that mediocre wine is great wine and the half price wine promotions are great value….but are they really?

So, with no false promotions you’ll know the true worth of the wines you buy from the Winebulance Wine Club

Your wine experience

It should be fun! Whether you’re matching with food, enjoying with friends or on your own we’ve wines that we know you’ll enjoy. Some you will have heard of and some you won’t! We can all be guilty of sticking to what we know but don’t be afraid of trying something new! With fantastic new wines coming through from countries you wouldn’t always associate great wines with you may be surprised at what you find!

So browse through our selection, ask questions if you are not sure but most importantly enjoy!

 …..and remember “Always keep a bottle of Champagne in the fridge for special occasions. Sometimes, the special occasion is that you’ve got a bottle of Champagne in the fridge.” Hester Browne (author, freelance writer & journalist)